Frequently asked questions about RiverWoods.

QUESTION: What is the difference between a nursing care center, personal care facility and an independent living facility?

A nursing care center is a skilled nursing facility that provides 24-hour supervision of residents by a variety of professionals including registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, rehabilitation specialists and social workers. Residents of a nursing care center are typically recovering from an illness, requiring rehabilitation, or receiving care for chronic medical needs.

A personal care facility also offers 24-hour supervision, but residents typically require less hands-on care than is offered in a nursing care center. Care is usually provided by nursing assistants and normally falls within the areas of providing general supervision, assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as dressing and bathing, and assistance with medication management. Meals and scheduled activities are also provided.

An independent living facility offers apartments or cottages where residents can live on their own. Typically, services are offered to ease the responsibilities of independent living. These services vary from community to community, but normally include lawn care, snow removal, maintenance services, housekeeping services, scheduled transportation and some type of meal program. In general, residents of an independent living facility are able to manage their own affairs and are capable of caring for themselves.

QUESTION: Do you have to be a member of The United Methodist Church in order to reside at RiverWoods?

ANSWER: Absolutely not! Though RiverWoods is affiliated in faith with The United Methodist Church, we serve all persons, regardless of religious affiliation.

QUESTION: Does RiverWoods have a waiting list?

ANSWER: We do have waiting lists for certain areas of our community. It is best to contact RiverWoods at 570-522-6234 to determine if the area in which you have an interest has a waiting list.

QUESTION: Can I bring my pet?

ANSWER: Pets may visit in every part of the campus. Residents who live in the independent living and personal care areas of our communities may have a pet. Though we do not allow residents to have pets in the Nursing Care Center, we do have visiting pet programs to maintain these relationships.

QUESTION: What if I am independent but my spouse needs to be in personal care or nursing care? Can we still move in? Where would we live?

ANSWER: RiverWoods does have couples living on campus who do not have the same health needs. On an individual basis, we can create living arrangements which may include one spouse in personal care or the Nursing Care Center and the other in an apartment or cottage.

QUESTION: Is there some type of residents’ group that plans activities, receives updates on what is happening in the community, or becomes involved in programming?

ANSWER: There are a variety of forums for residents to receive communications about what is happening at RiverWoods, what activities are occurring, what programs are being offered, etc. Resident involvement is encouraged. One major forum for residents is the Resident Association, which is specifically developed and run by residents. The Resident Association plays a very important role in planning activities, establishing policies, and program development. All residents are automatically a member of the association.

QUESTION: Can I receive help with some of my daily chores if I live in a cottage or apartment?

ANSWER: Yes. RiverWoods offers an Enhanced Services Program that is specifically designed to help you stay in your cottage/apartment for as long as possible. This program offers services such as maintenance needs not covered in your agreement with RiverWoods, laundry services and other services. It is a flexible program that is customized to the individual resident’s needs.

QUESTION: Can I have overnight guests in my cottage/apartment?

ANSWER: Overnight guests are certainly welcome to visit for a short period of time. If your guest will be staying more than a few days, please inform administration.

QUESTION: Are there accommodations where out-of-town guests can stay during their visit?

ANSWER: RiverWoods does offer overnight accommodations. These are dependent on availability and reservations are required. Special arrangements can be made at a nearby hotel if all of the guest suites are reserved. Cost and availability can be provided by calling RiverWoods at (570) 522-6234.

If you have any further questions regarding RiverWoods, please don’t hesitate to call (570) 522-6234.

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